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Is there a link available to the PG&E announcement? Or is this based on the absence of the program in the list here[1]?

[1] http://www.pge.com/mybusiness/energysavingsrebates/rebatesincentives/

One has to wonder if this is a trend that will also preclude incentives in the virtual LAN space as well. Currently, due to the embedded mind-share that is owned by the copper cabling sector and the powerhouse vendors that haven't changed their model in over twenty years, there is absolutely no incentive, except for very-small businesses that elect to move to WLANs (WiFi networks), to disembowel millions of equipment rooms that occupy tens of millions of square feet of rentable real-estate within office buildings, which are presently filled with air conditioners and UPSes and copper-based Ethernet switches: the "other data center", as it were. Any thoughts concerning this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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