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I've more commonly seen the capex quantified with cost per sqft. Typically $2,000/sqft for data center space, and it seems to be fairly consistently in the in $1,500-$2,500/sqft range. In comparison, building out a LEED Platinum office space in an existing building can be as low as $25/sqft.

Mark: I know from our own experience at Prairie Bunkers that the cost per megawatt for a Tier III data center can be substantially lower than $10 million per MW, without sacrificing energy efficiency methods and operating cost savings. The key drivers for us are: (1) a low-cost, in-ground, closed-loop "geothermal" cooling system that reduces overall cooling costs by 60% and reduces total power consumption by 30%; (2) efficient hot-aisle/cold-aisle design; (3) re-use of existing buildings, saving construction costs and time; (4) fast permitting and short construction cycle of six months; (5) power and fiber already at site at no cost to Buyer; and (6) modular expansion on our 760-acre campus that has 900,000 s.f. of existing reinforced-concrete bunkers built by U.S. Navy for ammo storage during WWII. Perhaps the most important factor of all is avoiding unnecessary and expensive upfront cap ex for unused expansion capacity by modular expansion to adjacent parcels, the availability of which can be optioned at inception. More details are available at www.prairiebunkers.com

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